18 things I learnt from President Kibaki

Mwai Kibaki was the President of the Republic of Kenya for 10 years. Here are just a few things I learnt from him over that period of time:

  • Be quick to listen but slow to speak

You don’t always have to answer other people. Let others do it for you and only come in if you really must

  • You’re the president; others need to do the heavy lifting part of your job

Do not get pulled into the heavy lifting if you’re the boss. Your job is to tell people what to do and for them to do it

Sometimes you should lead from back: if you know anything about hand carts (mikokoteni), you know that sometimes the guy at the back pushing is doing more than the one at the front pulling

  • Public appearance is not everything. But at least wear a belt

Need I say more?

  • Stay away from controversy and pay / fight your way out of it if you must

Keep your private life private and if it is about to go public act quickly and with as much wrath as needed. In other words, do whatever it takes to keep it that way

  • Behind every successful man, there can be more than one woman

Just be careful to only declare one publicly

  • Steer clear of crazy women if you can; manage them if you can’t


  • Amass wealth without people knowing it

People can know one or 2 things about what you own but it is better if that’s all they know

  • Take advantage of your position

To amass wealth, to get what you want and to be put back where you think you belong (like forcefully being declared president)

  • Be selfish

Sometimes you need to be selfish to be happy. It is that simple!

  • Leave a legacy; one that only you can take credit for

Do something that everyone will remember and miss you for

  • Keep good company

Surround yourself with like minded individuals who have the right vision for themselves and in what they are doing

  • Education is important

It helps to have an educational background that is good for what you want to do

  • Experience is equally as important

Do not expect that you will wake up one day and be perfect at something. Garner experience that will come in handy when you finally take on that daunting task

  • Let your children follow their own paths and not yours

Self-explanatory once again

  • Live in the present but focus on the future

You will not always be president but you can do things to ensure that it is like you are when you no longer are

  • Majority opinion is not always right

What everyone wants is not always what they need and sometimes you need to make them realize that by not giving it to them

  • There will be dissent

Even though you’re the president, people will not always want to do what you want them to so you should force them to do it, convince them to or fire them and get someone who will

  • Work Hard!

There’s no substitute for working hard and working smart and it is very easy to spot someone who does


Agree? Disagree? Have anything to add? Well stop being a woosy and post your comment below!

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