Why I support Peter Kenneth’s decision

The job market today is filled with positions that mostly ask the potential candidates to have 2 – 5 years experience before they can join a particular company. But where is one supposed to get the experience especially if he/she is straight out of school? When looking for that first job, we just hope and pray that someone will overlook the fact that we do not have experience; will put some faith in us to start the job and hopefully that faith will be paid off in actual delivery.

With time, once we gain the experience and start to prove ourselves, then the management puts more faith in us to deliver more and more; we get promoted to be a supervisor, an assistant manager, a manager and so on.

Peter Kenneth’s running mate: Ronald ‘Ronnie’ Osumba

Someone once put faith in Ronnie Osumba once at the beginning of his career. I am not sure how it started but at some point someone must have. And clearly he did well for himself because he rose to senior management positions at a number of companies before he finally became the board chairman of the YES Kenya and a senior manager at Safaricom. Safaricom is Kenya’s largest telecom operator and one of the largest companies in Africa in terms of revenue.

So now it is time to ask ourselves what we are doing. By asking Ronnie to be deputy president, we are putting that faith in him to deliver in a field where he has no experience. He is political virgin but even the Railas, Uhurus, Mudavadis and Kalonzos were once virgins before they became political prostitutes. And I think it is better that we are taking a man who clearly knows a number of things about being a senior manager to become the deputy CEO of the country. If indeed his aspirations for the country are aligned to those of Peter Kenneth then he is definitely on the right track. Almost everyone agrees that PK has set out to focus on very key developmental areas for Kenya; areas that if nurtured will see Kenya rise to great heights. Ronnie does not have any pre-aligned allegiances that we know of, self-motivated interests (except maybe for the money that comes with the job) or biases.

I am not saying that I will vote for Peter Kenneth and Ronnie Osumba and of course there is a possibility that they may not win the elections. But I would trust Ronnie as a Deputy more than I trust any of the other deputies (running mates) out there.


One thought on “Why I support Peter Kenneth’s decision

  1. I agree. But with so much trust in him, why not just vote for him. See if we all vote on the basis that the aspirants we want in power can’t make it, then it will be a constant repetition of the wrong people in power which will never end. I’d rather “spoil the vote” and keep “spoiling it” because it’s the people i believe in. If just enough people spoil votes, guess what happens? Yup, you guessed it! 🙂

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