My year in review

Just in case you may not be aware, yesterday was my birthday and I’m now 25. Yes I’m old but luckily with age comes wisdom. It has been a glorious year past. So much can go right and a lot can go wrong in 12 months. This is what hasn’t happened like I wanted it to:

  1. I have not started my conglomerate and am not in multiple businesses and am not exploiting the entrepreneur in me
  2. There’s not a single parcel of land in this beautiful country of Kenya that I can claim ownership to
  3. I have not started my Masters or CFAs
  4. Still on shoebaru/feetsubishi i.e. I do not own a car yet
  5. I still live in my mother’s house (by choice though)
  6. I am not a manager / CFO yet
  7. Still not in a stable, working relationship
  8. I did not attend as many motorsport rallies and rugby matches as I hoped I would
  9. Not blogging as much as I hoped I would be
But then of course a lot has been good:
  1. I quit a decent job. This was an achievement for me because a number of people know it is time to pull the plug but they can’t go through with it
  2. I have what I consider to be a good job though its just an entry level position meaning there is nothing but room for growth
  3. I managed to start going to a gym and working out. Lost a few kilos but the December holidays are already piling them back on right where they used to be
  4. I’m a godfather and an uncle (to different children)
  5. I have not had a car accident though that’s probably because I have not been driving that much in the first place
  6. I have made some great new friends this year; some who will be in my life until I bury them
  7. I’ve been in a number of relationships and each has been a learning experience of its own so I have learnt a lot 🙂

The year to come

Of course the year to come will be to attempt to achieve some, if not all, of the above that I wished to have done in 2012. There’s a lot more but that will all fall in place hopefully. All I will ask is that as my friend reading this post, if you think you will be an impediment to me achieving any of them, I kindly and humbly request that you step the fuck out of my way.

But more importantly, as my true friends, your support and positive engagement towards me achieving those goals will be valued and I will definitely be indebted to all that spur me on, challenge me, push me, walk with me, fight for me, etc, etc.

Bring on 2013!


4 thoughts on “My year in review

  1. Great stuff my friend. Atleast each day is a step ahead/forward. U might not have achieved as much as u wanted but greatly the Almighty has kept u alive, strong and healthy. All what u wish for or u have ever wished for will come to pass. And by the way not everyone had the oportunity to become a godfather/mother. You are blessed. And many blessings are coming your way. Keep trusting and working hard. God bless you as u age. Hope u had a great birthday.

    • Thank you so much Muli. I feel honoured to be a godfather and I certainly do not take it for granted. And thank you for being my friend these past 5/6 years…not many friendship last that long. I hope you continue to be blessed as well and that God may give you favour so that all you dream and desire you will get!

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