Nokia, you’re doing it right!

I’ve never considered myself much of a techie and I doubt I’ll start being one today. This won’t be an expert review of Nokia or Symbian but rather a personal account of my experience with them.I purchased a Nokia 700 a few months back while I owned a Sony Ericsson Xperia Ray. My reason for this was that I wanted a phone that was not Android (like the Ray) but was still a good, reliable smartphone. You may be thinking why not get a BlackBerry? I don’t believe Blackberries are legitimate smartphones. You can get the same or even better features in many other phones for much lower cost and possibly 5 times the reliability and user friendliness.

The Nokia 700

I made a gamble with Symbian. Nokia is always touted as the kid that passes the creativity test by coming up with their own unique ideas. I wanted to see if this was true.

From the onset everything was great and I was amazed by the reliability of the phone and the OS. It rarely hanged, which for a smartphone is shocking to say the least.

There were many other impressive things about it as well. But I recently realized where Nokia made a great choice to not do Android. My workmate’s phone died and she urgently needed a phone to use for a few hours. So between my 2 phones (the Nokia 700 and a Sony Ericsson Arc S -an upgrade from the Ray), I had to pick which one to give her. The decision took me a minute but it that minute I realized that I’d rather give her the Nokia, which has my main number simply because of all the accounts and syncing on the Android phone.

This is where Symbian has been smart. This is a phone that I could probably give to my mum to use without the need to explain sync this and data that, do not do the other, etc. Besides giving my workmate my phone’s password, I did not need to tell her how to use it at all. Nokia has managed to make a great smartphone that is easy to use. BlackBerry has miserably failed here.

Symbian’s biggest downside is probably the fact that users don’t have access to a million apps like they do on Android’s Google play store. However, they do have have access to plenty of great and useful ones on the Ovi store.

Speaking of Symbian, it would be unfair not to mention the new OS update: Symbian Belle Feature Pack 2. Nokia released this in October, it had issues so they stopped the release and did it again this month.

And it is brilliant! While some of the features are copied off Android and iOS like Slide the screen to unlock, music player in the drop down menu, the drop down menu itself, etc., a lot of the things are genuinely brilliant.

Microsoft Office Mobile, for example, is what Android apps like Officesuite strive to be like. Email syncing which is available in Microsoft Apps is great especially if your company email is linked to Microsoft Exchange. Ability to open Word, .pdf or Excel files is seamless, almost like your doing it on a PC but with a little less functionality. Nokia offers this in conjunction with Microsoft and in the new upgrade, the new Office is impeccable! As a smartphone for business, it is possible to get quite a lot done.

Nokia Social though not the best social media app gives you access to Twitter and Facebook and it too has received a few tweaks. The Music Player got a facelift. The themes, layout and widgets are impressive. And there are many other changes that make it so much better. The OS is even more user friendly and still is not battering the phone’s processor which in the phones defence is not even that big!

Nokia and Symbian may not be able to hold a candle to Apple/iOS or Android/Samsung but in their attempts to do so, it seems they are coming up with phones and that can be reliable, user-friendly, functional, and many other good characteristics

Nokia, you’re doing it right!


5 thoughts on “Nokia, you’re doing it right!

  1. Just seen its specs. Its a good phone, but some issues about it,- Not so right
    1.Small screen, too narrow for comfortable typing
    2.Browser lacks full Flash support
    3. limited 3rd party software
    4. Camera…fixed focus?????? I thought we are now in the world of AUTO-FOCUS

    • I was well aware of all these shortcomings when I bought the phone so that was not an issue for me. I already have an Arc S, I was not looking for superior features when I bought it

  2. I have had the slide to unlock feature for almost 2 years now. Anyway,i tried using an android phone and i hated it. I think i am too used to the simplicity of nokia.

  3. have an n8. upgraded to Nokia belle. Had an N93. I am Nokia die hard and will soon try for the Lumia ama the Pure view. I use them a lot for video. The trick is not to buy the phone while its hot in the market. Give it a while and a lot of its tweaks and upgrades go through development and are released. An upgrade gets you a lot of stuff that earlier users struggle with. Got an Ideos freebie from safaricom which i still am trying to come to terms with. but the best thing about Nokia is the simplicity of the contacts back up and transfer year after year, haven’t lost a single number in years.

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