Unlimited Internet?

First off I would like to state that the views expressed in this post are solely mine.

A few weeks ago I read an article by Waga Odongo (The Wag) in the Daily Nation newspaper. The article documented his experience with unlimited internet from his service provider.

I immediately agreed with him and I was actually convinced that he was taking about the service provider I have the same issue with.

So naturally, as I often do, I tweeted the article, tagging The Wag stating that he had taken apart Safaricom Limited’s unlimited internet.

Soon after this The Wag got back to me correcting this and saying that it wasn’t Safaricom’s.He mentioned something in the lines of there being a maximum limit on the amount of data that can be downloaded. To the best of my knowledge that possibly meant that he was talking about Orange Kenya’s unlimited internet service and not Safaricom’s.

Fine. I accepted my mistake but that got me thinking.


This is what unlimited internet is supposed to do to you

I know not about the rules of advertising and what’s considered deceptive and what is not.

Eddie Griffin, a stand up comedian I like a lot, has a belief that as humans we are born knowing what is right and what is wrong. You for example know that it is wrong to kill your mother. No one has to tell you that. Somehow you just innately know it.

I agree with this belief.

ImageTaking that into consideration then I believe that Safaricom and Orange are not doing the right thing. Yes I know there are terms and conditions and what not. But at the end of the day unlimited implies limitless, without a limit.

To state that your service is unlimited and then say that the download speed is capped or that there is a maximum amount of data you can download is simply imposing a limit.


Hence, thus and therefore, in all honesty your product is no longer unlimited. Its that simple. My innate understanding of right and wrong states that unlimited + limit = limited. Period.

I won’t tell you not to use these products. I’m not a consumer rights watchdog.

I won’t tell you to use them either. That is a decision you should make for yourself based on the service you seek.

I will, however, categorically state that I believe that there are people not being honest with us. You can argue otherwise but what’s important is that you understand my train of thought.

If its unlimited it better not have any limits whatsoever. Otherwise call it barely limited and we will all be happy.


2 thoughts on “Unlimited Internet?

  1. Safaricom and Orange say you get unlimited downloads and that is what they give. Show me an advert that says unlimited speeds by Orange or Safaricom and i will show you a Pope who can not say the Rosary.

    • Please note I did not say anything about them offering unlimited speeds. My understanding of unlimited internet is that both speed and quantity that can be downloaded are unlimited. That’s not the case which is my issue

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