Free Markets

If you haven’t watched Muffled Killer on YouTube I suggest you watch it here and here before you go on reading this post.

Free markets are a wonderful thing. Their ability to auto-correct amazes me. You see in a free market, the market strives to cater for every single need be it normal or “abnormal”

Gays and lesbians in Kenya are fast increasing or at least are fast coming out of the closet since they probably already existed but weren’t that open about it.

A Kenyan couple in London getting married. They were later reported to have divorced

A free market caters to all needs like I mentioned and where a need is not being met, the first suppliers to provide it tend to be in a position of arbitrage before the market corrects itself. I once watched a documentary on Warren Buffett where he said that the market is hardly ever wrong but when it is you must take advantage of it.

Gay male commercial sex work in Kenya was an unimaginable thing until recently, possibly even until the beginning of this week when those clips aired. But with the increase in openly gay men in the country, there was a gap in the market. Soon the gay male commercial sex workers started to emerge and the pioneers made and still are making it big. They still have some of the most high profile clientele simply because they were the first to provide a service that was not available previously.

I am not advocating for gay or lesbian rights but neither am I against being gay or lesbian. Using this example was just a way to illustrate that if you discover a need that you don’t think is being satisfied, potential business success lies in your cards. If you play them right, as a pioneer you could be make it big before others join in to have a piece of the pie.


6 thoughts on “Free Markets

  1. You do know that dude standing on the left of that pic is a cousin of the Kenyatta famz……so know you know if he became president he wouldn’t mind *putting it up* kenyans back side…..

  2. but even with free markets human beings must have ideals/values that guide them. what use would a free market be in a state of anarchy or in absentia of norm? these regulations are derivative of many a cultural influence. granted, most of our African culture is crap but some of it… keeps us grounded. case in point the gay/lesbian example..

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